Welcome to Politics, Climate Etc…

This is my first Blog and I have nothing prepared at the moment to share with you. Instead, I will attempt to banter on why I have started this blog. The following will be my personal guide as well as a guide for future potential guest posters:

1.  To discuss gaining political standing without the aid of money (To be truthful I am personally seeking to gain some type of political clout, not because I am power-hungry, but because I am sick of the current leadership in the USA.).

2. To re-define (actually to return to the politics of the 1st continental congress) the role of politicians today, and to re-instill full commitment, dedication, and representation of the majority (currently the majority is being pushed aside).

3. Politicians must listen to what the people want no matter what the politicians think or know to be better for them, because who knows the people best, no one, but the people themselves.

4. Politicians can only suggest new laws ( tax laws, environment, military, and immigration/border protection), amendments, and regulations. If politicians want to have a vote in the house and senate, they must seek public approval by way of a vote using current voting procedures to avoid duplications(a new way of signing a petition whether for or opposed)/ old-fashioned hand signed petition.

5. The state of emergency rules will be redefined in which the Federal Government will not have full power over the nation as a whole unless every county votes in favour of the their respective State followed by a vote in both State Legislative houses ( this will provide for a safety net in the case that the people change their minds/votes), during this process the States Supreme Courts will also debate and rule on whether the said Emergency is constitutionally legal/pre-defined as such. In the case that Court finds it is not legal or constitutionally defined, then there  must be an amendment drawn up by the State Legislature to in which they must by majority pass in both the Senate and the House. Once amendment has passed then there must be another public vote, another House and Senate vote, and another State Supreme Court approval. Only upon the completion of the afore outlined procedures may it be sent to the State Governor for approval/Veto.

6. Science will not determine politics, nor will politics persuade science. Just as in modern politics, Church and State are separate entities, so will Science and State be separate entities, as will Stock Exchanges, Banks and all  economics will be separate from the State, except for that portion that is received by the State in the form of taxes(by the way voted for by the people). There shall be no Government run agency, nor private agency representing the government at all. The only agency authorized will be the United States Department of Defense which includes: The USN, USMC, USA, USAF, USCG, any National Guard, Border Patrol, Customs, Embassies, US Consulates, Reasearch and Development for all said departments, DFAS, CIA, FBI, FDA, (The EPA will be dis-banded),(The IRS’s power will be ranked lower, although adequately staffed in order to provide quality tax return services at little charge to the taxpayer).

7.The Federal Government’s only role in the nation will be to protect and defend the territories and physical borders of the United States, and to defend the people from any oppression and loss of freedom, as defined by the Constitution, from any state joined to the Union. The Federal Government is the only Government entity able to tax any import, except for all food products that are not taxable by any entity. Therefore any sales made on the internet will not be taxed unless the product has been sold in the same state as the purchaser. No private corporation will receive any tax breaks if their company produces goods/products made/manufactured by overseas employees/factories and imports them to the US to be bought and sold. If a private company has any physical presence in the US, but is headquartered overseas they too will be subject to no tax breaks. Companies that produce and manufacture any goods/products within the US will receive the biggest tax breaks, those that import material in order to manufacture and produce any product for private or public use will also receive tax breaks, the only products that will not be taxed, imported or domestic is any natural food product (milk, juice, fruit, meat, wheat, water, vegetable etc..).

I kinda got away from original thought for this first post. I wanted to lay the ground works for what this bog will be all about, but instead I prematurely and partially layed out what I dream to accomplish if I were “in charge”.

In closing, we all know that “We the people” are in charge, but the politicians in the United States of America including the President and his appointed officials, as well as the Supreme Court have forgotten this. It is my wish that all of America wake up now and take back what is ours.

God Bless,

Brandon M. Sheffield


One Response to “Welcome to Politics, Climate Etc…”

  1. smallz79 Says:

    There will be more, as I have said before this is my first Blog. It can only get better from here on out. I might need some help so any takers? I surely appreciate it.

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